10 piece Luminous Golf Balls


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Package : 10pcs*Luminous Golf Balls

Material: inner synthetic rubber, outer sarin material

Diameter : 4.3cm/1.68 inch

Features : white on day,green at night,Double Layers

Note: In order to keep the night bright, please put the golf ball under the light or sunlight for a period of time after receiving the package

About the product:

1.Double Layers: The glow golf balls has 2 layers, it’s of good elasticity and durability. The dents on the surface can reduce resistance in the air to improve accuracy of striking.

2.These hit like real golf balls because they are real balls and do not have inbuilt LEDs. They are softer therefore hit like real balls. They will not cut out when hit too hard.

3.No Batteries Needed: The fluorescent powder can get power from sunlight or any flashlight. Great birthday gift for your family or friend who likes playing golf.

4.The glow golf balls are made of elastic rubber inner and sarin outer, easy to play and can be used for a long time. They have a drive equal to a day time ball.

5.A very beautiful landscape in the golf park, bright golf ball add more fun and easy to find in the dark with bright colors.

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